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versatile vocalist, music producer, talharpa player

Psamathes is a singer, composer, and tagelharpa player based in Rome, Italy. Her wide range (G#2-G6) and vocal versatility, combined with a unique voice colour, allow her to record in a variety of styles and genres. She is known for being able to switch from powerful high belting to soaring operatic vocals, from soft, intimate interpretations to atmospheric folk chanting and even heavy metal growls, all while singing in more languages than she can count - even made-up ones!Her vocals can be heard in Original Videogame Soundtracks such as the one for the upcoming Cyberpunk turn based rhythm RPG "Keylocker" and on the one for The Pathless, composed by Austin Wintory. Her vocal versatility has been harnessed for Kontakt Libraries such as OMEN by Silence + Other Sounds and BLOOM by Naroth Audio. She provides remote vocal recording services for trailer music, such as for composer Chris Hurn.Psamathes also arranges vocals for solos and choirs, and writes lyrics in different languages (English, Italian, Latin, conlangs). She often records entire 4-part choirs on her own, thanks to her command of range and tone. She has over 10 years of training and experience performing with choirs, as a solo act, and with bands, and she is a light lyric soprano who trained with, among others, renowned soprano Marinella Meli. Her own original songwriting is as varied as her singing, drawing influences from dark folk, orchestral, electronic, and heavy music, with lyrics in a phonetics-based conlang she created that delve into human emotions beyond words. This helped her become a finalist in the 2021 Music Cosmos Composer Competition, and a 3rd place winner in the Metapop x Orchestral Tools City(sound)scapes Challenge.Active member of the videogame music community, from Pixel Mixers to OCRemix, as well as former Executive Producer for GameGrooves Music she regularly contributes to tribute albums and singles, while working on arrangements for her YouTube channel, independent releases, and as a session singer.Get in touch via email for commissions!

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Video Game Soundtracks

The Pathless, November 2020
Additional vocals and Conlang lyrics for Original Game Soundtrack Composed by Austin Wintory

Click to view the game's official announcement trailer

Keylocker | Turn Based Cyberpunk Action, TBD
Vocals for Original Game Soundtrack Composed by Elektrobear

Kontakt Libraries

OMEN, November 2021
by Silence + Other Sounds
Solo vocals and Conlang lyrics in several folk styles (Scandinavian, Slavic, etc.), ethereal soprano vocals, growls, vocal fry, and other vocal effects.

BLOOM, March 2022
by Naroth Audio
Solo Soprano Vocals

Solo & Co-Produced Albums

Sail Together: a Sea of Thieves Tribute EP, March 2022
(Vocals, Tagelharpa, Mixing/Mastering, Arranger)

Gnosis: a Genshin Impact Tribute Album, February 2022
(Vocals, One-Woman Choir, Mixing/Mastering, Arranger)

Materia Obscura: a FINAL FANTASY VII Tribute Album, April 2020
(Co-Produced with Dacian Grada, Vocals, One-Woman Choir, Arranger)

Sacred Groves: a Celtic VGM Tribute, Album, November 2019
(Producer, Vocals, One-Woman Choir, Lyrics, Arranger, Mixing)

ICEBOUND: a "God of War" Tribute, EP, March 2019
(Co-Producer, Vocals, One-Woman Choir, Lyrics, Arranger)

Charity Projects

Dreams - Asleep, June 2021
Charity album by Charity EP Jam supporting Able Gamers
(Composer, Vocals, Lyrics, Mixing)

Heartwood, April 2021
Charity album by GameGrooves and Pixel Mixers supporting Rainforest Trust
(Producer, Arranger, Vocals, Mixing)

Her Theme: A Tribute to Women in Gaming, September 2020
Charity album by GameGrooves supporting Girls Make Games
(Executive Producer, Arranger, Vocals, One-Woman Choir, Mixing)


From Dusk till Rome, 2022 (Songwriting, Production, Vocals, Lyrics, Mixing/Mastering)
Alimi, 2021 (Songwriting, Production, Vocals, Lyrics, Mixing/Mastering)
Veima, 2021 (Songwriting, Production, Vocals, Lyrics, Mixing/Mastering)
Crescent Queen, 2020 (Songwriting, Production, Vocals, Lyrics, Mixing/Mastering)
On Her Wings, 2020 (Songwriting, Production, Vocals, Lyrics, Mixing/Mastering)
Crystals, 2019 (Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting, Production, Mixing/Mastering)

Other Original Tracks: multi-genre collaborations where I contributed vocals and often also lyrics and vocal arrangement.


- Daylight's End (From "League of Legends"), 2021 (Arranger, Vocals, Mixing/Mastering)
- Awake (From "Celeste"), 2021 (Arranger, Vocals, Mixing/Mastering)
- Kaine / Salvation (From "NieR: Replicant"), 2021 (Arranger, Vocals, Mixing/Mastering)
- Qilin's Prance (From "Genshin Impact"), 2021 (Arranger, Vocals, Mixing/Mastering)
- Hrafnsmál - The Words of the Raven (From "Assassin's Creed: Valhalla", ft. Dacian Grada), 2021 (Arranger, Vocals, Mixing/Mastering)
- Maiden's Longing (From "Genshin Impact"), 2021 (Arranger, Vocals, Mixing/Mastering)
- Temple of Time (From "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time"), 2021 (Arranger, Vocals, Mixing/Mastering)
- Dragon's Den (From "Pokémon Gold/Silver"), 2021 (Arranger, Vocals, One-Woman Choir, Mixing/Mastering)
- O Holy Night, 2020 (Arranger, Vocals, Mixing/Mastering)
- Dream Aria (From "Genshin Impact"), 2020 (Arranger, Vocals, Mixing/Mastering)
- Bury The Light (From "Devil May Cry 5", ft. Dacian Grada), 2020 (Arranger, Vocals, Growls)
- Into the Unknown (From "Frozen 2") Italian Version, 2020 (Arranger, Vocals, Mixing/Mastering)
- Lost Paintings (From "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night"), 2020 (Arranger, Vocals, Mixing/Mastering)
- The Passing of the Elves (From "The Lord of the Rings"), 2020 (Arranger, Vocals, One-woman Choir, Mixing/Mastering)
- The Edge of Dawn (From "Fire Emblem: Three Houses"), 2020 (Arranger, Vocals, One-woman Choir, Programming, Mixing/Mastering)
- In The Deep Woods (From "Stardew Valley"), 2020 (Arranger, Vocals, One-Woman Choir, Mixing/Mastering)
- Our Eternal Land (From "Xenoblade Chronicles 2"), 2019 (Arranger, Vocals, One-Woman Choir, Mixing/Mastering)
- Choosing Hope (From "Final Fantasy XV: Comrades"), feat. Dacian Grada & PeyCa), 2019 (Arranger, Vocals, One-Woman Choir, Mixing/Mastering)
- Lost In Thoughts All Alone (From "Fire Emblem: Fates", feat. Kain White), 2019 (Co-arranger, Vocals, One-Woman Choir)
- Aurene, Dragon Full Of Light (From "Guild Wars 2"), 2019 (Arranger, Vocals, One-Woman Choir, Mixing/Mastering)
- Seijaku no Apostle (From "One Punch Man", feat. Dacian Grada), 2019 (Co-Arranger, Vocals, Mixing/Mastering)
- Voice of No Return (From "NieR: Automata", feat. Kain White), 2019 (Co-Arranger, Vocals)
- Make My Story (From "My Hero Academia", feat. Dacian Grada), 2019 (Co-Arranger, Vocals, One-woman Choir, Mixing/Mastering)
- Shadow of the Lowlands (From "Xenoblade Chronicles 2", feat. Kain White), 2019 (Co-Arranger, Vocals, One-woman Choir)
- Stand By Me (From "FINAL FANTASY XV"), 2018 (Arranger, Vocals, One-woman Choir, Programming, Mixing/Mastering)
- Don't Forget (A Cappella, From "DELTARUNE"), 2018 (Arranger, Vocals, One-woman Choir, Mixing/Mastering)

Appears In


- Pixel Mixers - "Catch This! Vol. 2: Goldenrod FM (Pokémon Gold/Silver), 2021 (Vocals, One-woman Choir, Lyrics, Arranger, Mixing)
- Leo Val - "Hack the Power" (Original Album), 2020 (Vocals, Vocal lines)
- Dacian Grada & PrjzCalavera - "TNT: The Nsane Two (Crash 2 Goes Metal)", 2020 (Vocals, Growls)
- Pixel Mixers - Valkyrie Profile Series: "Nibelung Valesti", 2020 (Vocals, One-woman Choir, Lyrics, Arranger, Mixing)
- Materia Collective - "EIDOLON: Music From Final Fantasy IX", 2019 (Producer, Arranger, Mixing, Vocals, One-woman Choir)
- Pixel Mixers - Final Fantasy IX: "Beyond the Mist", 2019 (Vocals, One-woman Choir, Acoustic Guitar, Lyrics, Arranger, Mixing)
- Gamelark - "Hearts of Light" (Kingdom Hearts tribute), 2019 (Vocals)
- Materia Collective - "EXILE: A Tribute to Supergiant Games", 2019 (Producer, Arranger, Mixing, Vocals, Choir, Acoustic Guitar)
- Federico Dubbini - Final Fantasy X: "FFX World", 2019 (Vocals)
- Mohmega - Persona 5: "The Velvet Records", 2019 (Vocals)
- Pixel Mixers - Guild Wars 2 (Super Adventure Box): "Try Hard and Tribulations", 2019 (Vocals, One-woman Choir, Lyrics, Arranger, Mixing)
- Pixel Mixers - Indie Games: "The Great Tale of the Little Ones Vol. 2", 2019 (Vocals, One-woman Choir, Arranger, Mixing)
- Pixel Mixers - Secret of Mana: "Whispers From A Verdant Grove", 2018 (Vocals, One-woman Choir)
- Pixel Mixers - XENOGEARS: "Shattered Memories", 2018 (Arranger, Vocals, Choir, Lyrics, Mixing)
- Pixel Mixers - Final Fantasy VI: "World's Requiem", 2018 (Vocals, One-woman Choir, Lyrics)
- Pixel Mixers - Kirby Series: "The Green (Greens) Album", 2018 (Vocals, Lyrics)
- Pixel Mixers - Metroid Series: "Huntress", 2017 (Vocals)
- Pixel Mixers - Final Fantasy II: "The Roses of Rebellion", 2017 (Vocals)
- Pixel Mixers - Legend of Zelda 2D Classics: "Hylian Downfall", 2017 (Choir)
- Pixel Mixers - Ace Attorney: "The Court Sessions", 2017 (Vocals)


- Dinnick the 3rd - OP1 - Chikyuugi (From "Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter "), 2020 (Vocals)
- ZoharEmulator - Landscapes of the Zohar (From "Xenoblade Chronicles"), 2020 (Vocals)
- Ferdk & Dacian Grada - Reach Out To The Truth (From "Persona 4"), 2020 (Vocals, Growls, One-Woman Choir)
- Dacian Grada & Ferdk - Tribal (Nightwish Cover), 2020 (Vocals, Growls, One-Woman Choir)
- Dacian Grada - The Dark God Suite (from "Octopath Traveler", 2-Track Single), 2020 (Vocals, One-Woman Choir)
- Dacian Grada & Ferdk - Noise (Nightwish Cover), 2020 (Vocals, One-Woman Choir)
- Mr. Feral - Lifelight (From "Super Smash Bros Ultimate"), 2019 (Vocals, Mixing)
- Dacian Grada - Silhouette (From "Naruto"), 2019 (Vocals)
- Dacian Grada - 1000 Words (From "Final FantasyX-2"), 2019 (Vocals)
- Kain White - Still Alive (From "Portal"), 2019 (Vocals)
- Dacian Grada - This Game (From "No Game No Life"), 2019 (Vocals)
- Amber Eden - "The Windfall", 2019 (Vocals)
- Kain White - Ezio's Family (From "Assassin's Creed II"), 2019 (Vocals)
- The Goatee - Knock on the Core (From "Fairy Gone"), 2019 (Vocals)
- Dacian Grada - Kawaki wo Ameku (From "Domestic na Kanojo"), 2019 (Vocals)
- Ro Panuganti - Devil Trigger (From "Devil May Cry 5"), 2019 (Vocals)
- Danilo Ciaffi - Lullaby of Woe (From "The Witcher 3"), 2019 (Vocals)
- Kain White - Simple and Clean (From "Kingdom Hearts"), 2019 (Vocals)
- Bullicann - Original Rock EP: "School Days", 2019 (Co-Arranger, Vocals, Lyrics)
- Dacian Grada - Extra Magic Hour (From "Amagi Brilliant Park"), 2018 (Vocals)
- Dinnick the 3rd - Brighter Side (From "Viewtiful Joe"), 2018 (Vocals)
- Ro Panuganti - Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (From "Persona 5"), 2018 (Vocals)
- Dacian Grada - Rivers in the Desert (From "Persona 5"), 2018 (Vocals)
- Danilo Ciaffi - Original Single: "Good Luck on the Trail", 2017 (Vocals)

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Fantasy, Orchestral
Epic, Cinematic
World, Orchestral
Dark Folk
Symphonic Metal
A Cappella (Conlang Lyrics)

Remote Vocal Recordings

I provide remote vocal recording services (solo, backing vocals, one-woman choir) for flexible rates and quick turnaround deadlines. All projects shown in my MAIN SINGING REEL and at the top of this page were recorded in my home studio, as well as my soundtrack and Kontakt library contributions. My vocals are power tool able to cover a wide range of notes, techniques, and emotions. This is useful to make individual songs expressive, and especially to provide bigger projects with a reliable singer that can take care of different aspects of the vocal soundscape.i.e. Need an ethereal and a low, powerful voice? I can sing both, and you don't have to reintroduce me to the project all over again. Here's a few more details about my experience, and you're always welcome to contact me for any other questions!- I’m a professionally trained singer with over 10 years of vocal training and experience between stage and studio. Dedicating all this time to my voice helped me expand my range from G#2 to G6 (with C4 as middle C), and to learn how to use each note within my range in the most creative and versatile ways.
- I trained under professional opera & modern singing teachers in Italy, and with international vocal coach Freya Casey. I still practice with a trusted voice teacher, which means my voice is constantly improving and kept in top shape.
- I have experience recording remotely on my own and also during live sessions using Zoom (or Discord and similar services) and other specific, dedicated plugins (Audiomovers).
- I make music both as a solo artist and a session singer, and as such I can work independently, or closely follow the instructions and requests of my collaborators. I have sang for dozens of different collaborators from all over the world over the years!
- I can sing in English, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Icelandic, Ancient Norse, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian (etc!), and several made-up languages.
- As a one-woman choir, I can recreate an entire 3 or 4 part choir with my voice alone. It can be an epic or an ethereal choir, a powerful viking chant or a soft whisper. In all of these cases, I know how to record my voice in order to achieve what sounds like several different singers performing together, instead of one voice copy-pasted over and over.

Remote Tagelharpa Recordings

I own a Tagelharpa, a traditional Scandinavian folk instrument, manufactured by a folk instruments creator. Its sound is unique and ancestral, and works well in many contexts such as folk, orchestral, but also horror music.My instrument is made of spruce and maple wood, and has three horse hair strings. Despite the limited number of strings, it can be tuned in a number of ways, making it quite adaptable. Feel free to get in touch through the contact form for any questions if you would like me to help you implement this wonderful instrument in one of your projects!

Lyrics & Top-Line Melody Writing

I can write lyrics in English, Italian, Latin (great for epic choirs!), and constructed languages. Having studied Latin and Ancient Greek for 5 years starting from high school, as part of a Humanities-oriented program, I have a great understanding of languages, but also of literature, poetry, and history.I later obtained a Bachelor and a Master's Degree in the fields of Languages and Humanities, with majors in English and Japanese. During these years I studied subjects ranging from Chinese History, Japanese Philology, to Buddhism, Linguistics, Economics, and other disciplines contextualized in the East-Asian region while living in Italy, Sweden, and Japan. This was a vital experience to deeply understand lyrics when I sing, but also to write lyrics that are linguistically correct and emotionally engaging. This knowledge became very useful when I started creating my own constructed languages as well.As a professional singer myself, I have tons of experience with writing singable and fun melodies that work well with the music and make the vocals shine. My wide range ensures that I know how to keep things creative both for high and low notes in order to elevate the meaning of the lyrics.I usually provide this service together with my remote vocal recordings.

Vocal Coaching

While I don't offer full live or remote vocal coaching lessons at this time, I do offer feedback sessions for singers who wish to work on a specific song to improve their performance or tackle a difficult passage (a high note, a challenging phrase, a long note...). Get in touch through the contact form for details and availability.

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You can easily get in touch with me about anything from remote recording work to interviews via email using the form below. Keep an eye out on all your email folders for my reply! You can also contact me via Twitter or Instagram DM if you're unsure about the form, and feel free to follow-up. Let's defeat email anxiety together!

Photo by Angela Petruccioli

If you would like to discuss an interview, or any other type of press feature, feel free to reach out via e-mail or Twitter DM (linked below)!INTERVIEWS/QUOTES
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